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1839 He Mau Palapala Honua

Palapala Honua
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Palapala Honua – Kalama and Kepohoni – 1839 

The Hawaiian language version of a world map was engraved to aid students in learning ge- ography of the world. The diagram on the right of the map shows the relative heights of ma- jor mountains, as then known around the world. This map represents a joint effort by Kalama and Kepohoni. Several students at the Lahainaluna Seminary school did the actual drawing and engraving of the maps. Two of the most prolific were Kalama and Kapeau. Kalama later became one of the best surveyors in the islands, and Kapeau eventually became governor

of the island of Hawai’i. A young boy who was not a student, Kepohoni-his name being the Hawaiian word for Cape Horn- did the largest number. The maps were essentially copies of maps from popular school atlases. Since they were intended for the use of the Hawaiian stu- dents, the place names were given either in the Hawaiian form of the name or in a modified transcription in which vowels were added so the foreign words could be pronounced in the Hawaiian style.