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1775 Mappe Monde Divisee

Mappe Monde Divisee 1775
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Decorative double hemisphere map of the World, showing a number of the prevailing myths of mid-18th Century cartography.

The Sea of the West, Lahontan's River of the West and curious NW Coast configurations based upon the Russian discoveries pre-1750 are shown. Hawaii does not year appear. New Zealand is shown in a single coastline and Australia (Nouvelle Holland) is still in an early conjectural shape, with Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) attached to the mainland) in the south and New Guinea still attached in the north.

A perfectg snapshot of contemporary cartographic knowledge on the eve the first reports from Captain James Cook's explorations of Oceana, the North and South Pacific Oceans and NW Coast of America.

Map Maker: Anonymous

Place / Date: Paris / 1775