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1856 Colton Map of California with San Francisco

Colton Map of California with San Francisco 1856
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Colored by Counties. Inset map of "City of San Francisco" (5.5 x 6 inches). Second edition of this important map, but unchanged from the First edition. Map is dated 1855 but is from the 1856 atlas.

California has only 39 counties compared to 58 today, NW corner of the state occupied by the now-defunct "Klamath County". Mariposa, Tulare , San Bernadino and San Diego counties are most conspicuously oversized. Outstanding contemporary detail in the Gold Rush area.


Cartographer: G.W. Colton
Date & Place Made: 1856 - New York
Publisher: J.H. Colton & Co, 172 William St, NYC
Original Image Size: 15.6 x 13 in