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1862 Hawaiian Archipelago (Quan Mountains)

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"Hawaiian Archipelago" (Quan Mountains)

Published by Manly Hopkins, 1862

Originally published in the 1862 Manly Hopkins' book about the islands, Hopkins was the Hawaiian Consul-General but he is probably best known as the father of the famous English poet, Gerald Manley Hopkins.

The map shows a finely detailed depiction of the 8 major Hawaiian Islands. One of the most interesting aspects of the map is the inset which shows Hawaii from a pacific centric perspective, consequently showing Hawaii as it truly sits in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 21 degrees north of the equator, 2100 miles from San Francisco, its' closest neighbor, 2600 miles north of Tahiti, on the same longitude as Mexico City and Hong Kong and 3900 miles from Japan. West of Tahiti island group, we see the Marquesas Islands where the first inhabitants to Hawaii originated approximately 200 – 300 AD.

Additionally, the Hawaiian flag is shown for the first time on a foreign published map. The flag's eight stripes represent the eight major islands while the Union Jack is from a relationship originally established with George Vancouver. However Hawaii was never under British Rule. The Hawaiian flag is the only flag to fly over a Kingdom, protectorate, republic, territory and a state. It still serves as the official stage flag of Hawaii.