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The Story of Hawaii Custom Group Presentation is a singular and unique experience that combines history, geography and cartography of the Hawaiian Islands to create a wonderfully educational and entertaining experience. The presentation provides an overview and orientation to Hawaii and the many peoples and nations who have helped to shape her heritage.

The presentation covers periods and subjects ranging from the daring exploits of Polynesian navigators of pre-history to the maps of the islands made by early explorers, the Monarchy, Territorial days, World War II, Statehood and the Golden Era of the Matson Cruise Line.

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This event can be presented at the location of your choice – hotels, resorts, luaus, cruise ships, museums and cultural institutions of all kinds. It can be adapted to accommodate any size group – large or small in a formal or informal setting – and it can be organized to meet any budget requirements.

The Story of Hawaii Presentation is a wonderful educational and entertaining experience for the distinguished and discriminating tourist or local citizen. It provides them with the opportunity to learn the fascinating history of the Hawaiian Islands and it gives them the chance to receive or acquire a beautiful giclee reproduction of an antique map or vintage print.

Though this event can be customized and personalized to your individual group needs, each presentation will include the following:

  • An interactive, person-to-person experience. Hear the story from someone who really knows how to tell it. Your presenter is knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.
  • A map or print of your choice expertly reproduced (16"x20") on fine art paper or canvas, suitable for framing. Select your favorite from more than 50 antique and vintage images and it will be shipped to you at no extra charge.
  • A high quality 35-minute color DVD for home or office use that recaps the Story of Hawaii experience.

The Story of Hawaii Presentation is Maui's Next Great Visitor Attraction. 

Contact us today and let us create a very memorable event for your special group.


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